What the Babes have had to say about CrossFit Babes Miami and Trainer Revie

"After 3 kids, and now being closer to 40 than 30, my goal is to be fitter and look stronger than ever. I have tried everything, got some results, but got bored with it all. After 6 weeks at Crossfit Babes Miami I am totally hooked and seeing results. Lost a dress size, can SEE changes in shape and am always looking forward to the next session. Every session is different, every session you learn something new, every session is a challenge and most of all it's fun. Coach Revie is awesome as are all the girls that love to get their Crossfit on!"

- Kirsten Dunn

"Rev is 100% committed to each and everyone one of us"

"I have been working out at CrossFit Babes Miami for just over 3 months now and can honestly say I have never felt stronger or healthier!! 

Rev is truly passionate about health and fitness and it shows through the energy and the enthusiasm she brings to each and every session.    Rev is 100% committed to each and everyone one of us, helping us achieve our goals and motivating us to push through boundaries and be the best we can be.  Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere whilst making each and every workout challenging, creative and most importantly fun!

Rev never lets up on pushing us to another level at the same time as being a stickler for correct form and technique. 
I know I am not alone when I say Rev is very special, she is an inspiration to us all, she has the biggest heart and gives so much of herself to her clients.

It really is an absolute pleasure to be a part of the CrossFit Babes Miami family!

Thank you Rev!"

- Vanessa Knott

Started CrossFit Babes Miami in December 2011  

"I have never had these kinds of results with other exercise."

To be honest was a little frightened and nervous of how hard to workouts might be and whether I would be fit enough. Revie and the babes all made me feel so welcome and comfortable.

Revie and the babes have supported me every part of the way in my fitness journey and I love the variety of exercise and results I am seeing. In just 4 weeks I have lost a total of 9.5 cm off my body. I have never had these kinds of results with other exercise. There is constant support and communication from Revie which gives me confidence to keep training and striving for my fitness goals. 

- Nadia Lloyd

Started Urban Babes in Febuary 2012

"I am a crossfit newbie but here are 3 things I can guarantee will happen: you will be pushed to the limit, you will collapse to the ground after WOD and you will never EVER give up (because Revie and the babes won't let you) I am hooked. Already I feel so much stronger and I am constantly surprising myself. The feeling after squat cleans yesterday - priceless. I can barely walk, which I love, because I know I am one step closer to my dream body. Joining Crossfit Babes Miami = best thing I ever did."

- Rikki Lee 

"CrossFit Babes Miami help have a pushed through some of my own mental barriers and physical barriers"

Although I have only been training at CrossFit Babes Miami for just two weeks now, the difference these sessions have made to my fitness level already is huge. I have never trained with all girls before or trained Crossfit. Revie is my instructor/trainer and I have done a handful of one on one sessions, I have found Revie to be personable, inspiring, clear with coaching, welcoming as a new member and so encouraging. The workouts are always hard and challenging but already with CrossFit Babes Miami help have a pushed through some of my own mental barriers and physical barriers when I thought it was too hard and wanted to give up!

I have felt comfortable every time I have made it down to training and look forward to see more and more results on my fitness and body. I hope to continue on with CrossFit Babes Miami for a long time to come. Thanks Revie for all your follow up and support so far, you’re great!

- Lexi

Started CrossFit Babes Miami in March 2012
"I was looking for something different as I have Yo-Yo dieted all my life. I really was after a lifestyle change and I found it at CrossFit Babes Miami with Rev."

My journey with Crossfit Babes started with a phone conversation with Rev towards the end of December 2011. Rev has not only helped and encourage me with training she has also helped me with my nutrition.
I was extremely nervous driving down to my first training session; I am 46 and had not done any training for at least 15 years. I was very out of shape but I ventured down and it is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself.
My first training session was on the 21st January 2012, Rev was so supportive and encouraging. She got me to do things I never thought I could do, she had more faith in me than I had in myself. The thing that had impressed me most is how Rev adjusts her training program to suit her clients In my first training session I couldn’t do a sit up Rev has worked on my core strength and I now can do sit ups. Every week I get stronger and fitter and this is because Rev keeps her training sessions interesting and pushes me further than I think I can go- every session.
In the almost ten weeks I have been training with Rev, I have gone from a size 18-20 down to a size 14. My goal is a 10-12 by the end of August so I am getting close with Rev’s training and support.
I go to visit friends and family I haven’t seen since Christmas. At first it is a look of surprise and amazement, when you get comments like “You look 20 years younger” you know you are doing the right thing for yourself but I could not have done this without Rev’s motivation and endless hours of encouragement.
I was looking for something different as I have Yo-Yo dieted all my life. I really was after a lifestyle change and I found it at Urban Babes with Rev.
Thank you so much for turning my life around.

 - Debbie

Started CrossFit Babes Miami January 2012 

"First 4 weeks of the challenge I noticed changes"

I started with CrossFit Babes Miami 12 week challenge because I felt like I was not improving on my fitness going to the gym.
Best choice I made!!!
First 4 weeks of the challenge I noticed changes, I lost cm's around my body and my fitness had improved a lot.
Burpees my god I hated them I literarily couldn't do them. 12 weeks later I'm so much stronger and fitter and I'm proud to say I can do them. Even Revie said
'Never thought I'd see the day' Haha!
Every session has always been a challenge she gives you the motivation to push through and never give up!
Us BABES have become such a great team helping each other and there's defiantly never a dull moment. 
Revie has made me achieve my goals and also look and feel great. 12 week challenge is definitely not over for me.

- Amanda Tippett


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